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Me - energise performing 300pxFounder of the Sound Sanctuary, Renée Stotz is an Intuitive Sound Healer and EFT Practitioner, with an intense passion for helping men and women heal any states of dis-ease or discomfort – be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. She is a conscious, empathetic and nurturing healer with over 20 years experience working with and supporting others on their journeys to being the best they can be. From a very early age, Renée has been involved with music.

As a young child back in Canada, she enjoyed singing and playing a variety of instruments. Despite having no formal instrumental training beyond her time in Music classes at school, Renée continued to sing and play throughout her adolescence. It wasn’t until she started her Teacher Training in Elementary (Primary) Education that she realised she had a real talent for music. She went on to specialise as a Primary Music Teacher, leading and teaching Music to children as young as 4 weeks old, right up to 18 years old!

“Without music and the ability to play or sing, I wouldn’t be here with you today.”

Throughout her life, music has been a valuable tool for Renée – a tool for coping with the rocky road of growing up in a time of upheaval in the form of hormonal changes, the divorce of her parents, and emotional, verbal and physical abuse. Being able to play her flute or sing along to her favourite songs helped her de-stress and cope with this very ‘dysfunctional’ home life. “Without music and the ability to play or sing, I wouldn’t be here with you today” are the words you will hear Renée say when you ask her about how music and sound have helped her.

More recently, upon arriving in the UK in 2000, Renée began to learn about the underlying subtleties of music, sound and how the words and vibrations affected her well-being.

She began to see patterns in how the words, tempo, dynamics and rhythm of songs affected her emotionally, mentally and physically. Certain classical pieces helped her relax. Folk and world music made her feel ‘at home’. Pop and rock gave her mixed responses that ranged from wanting to dance, to wanting to scream and cry.

So, she went on a journey of exploration and research, eventually finding the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) where she began studying for her Practitioner’s Diploma in Sound Therapy in early 2009. This course was life transforming for Renée – a true journey to the core of her very being which continues to this very day!

Having completed her dissertation on ‘Healing the Womb through Sound Healing’ and receiving her Diploma in 2011, Renée embarked on bringing sound healing to the masses, with the Sound Sanctuary being founded in 2012. Since finishing her Diploma, she has also completed further studies in Drum Therapy and Mantra Therapy.

Described by her clients as being compassionate and supportive, Renée uses her life experiences, intuition and innate talent as an Intuitive Sound Healer and EFT Practitioner to help others reconnect with their inner widsom, thereby allowing them to begin their own personal healing journey of self-discovery and to regain and maintain a state of vibrant health and wellness. Renée truly enjoys sharing the power of sound with those who come to her for treatments, those who attend her regular sound healing meditations (aka ‘sound baths’) or anyone who wishes to know more.

If you would like to find out I can help you, please call 07881 518198, email or book your first consultation here. I look forward to meeting you.

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